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Frequently Asked Questions 

Where to Start Remodeling?
If you have a remodeling to-do list that's a mile long, you may be confused on where to start.  Many would suggest starting with those projects that will bring the best return or create the most value for the money you spend on it. We took a different approach. Our focus was on:
a) what we could afford and
b) what contributed most to the home environment
You will want to get projects done right away. Instead of being patient and saving for it, you’ll choose to put it on your credit card or take out a home equity line of credit. Many people choose that route and have gone deeper into debt seeking that immediate gratification.
Our advice is to be patient and save for your renovations. Home remodeling costs can be extreme, especially once your emotions get involved. Envisioning how that brand new kitchen in the store showroom may look in your home may cause you to make a bad financial decision.

Does adding a room increase my home value?  Will an addition help me refinance due to an increased equity?  

Most likely, yes.  The first step is to determine your home value in comparison to your neighbors.  Get an idea of your home value at Determine the per square value of your home.  (Example:  Home value/square footage= value per square ft.) 

Are you Investor / House Flipper Friendly? 

Yes. Please submit following before scheduling an appointment:
1. Scope of work with timeline and details
2. Specifications of materials - inclusive of item number and model number on all materials
3. Budget: Must have project cost and draw plan based on scope

Do you offer free estimates for Insurance Claims?

Your Insurance company will send out an Adjustor to provide you with an "Adjustor's Report" listing all visible damage at time of inspection. This is your estimate. You may contact us for your Insurance Claim but we will not set an appointment until you have your Adjustor's report in hand for review.
We do not write estimates for Insurance Cliams because the Adjustor's Report is your estimate for the repairs and is the amount we will do the repairs for. Nearly all Adjustor reports are low and additional supplements will have to be filed by the contractor performing the work. Your only out of pocket expense is your deductible.

What is a deductible and who pays it?

A deductible is an amount which a policyholder agrees to pay, per claim or per incident, toward the total amount of an insured loss. For example, if you incur a loss and your insurance company determines repairs for the damages will cost $20,000.00 and your policy has a $2,000.00 deductible, your insurance company will pay $18,000.00 and it will be your responsibility to pay the remaining $2,000.00 balance to the contractor.

I don't think the insurance company's "Adjustor's Report" estimated enough to have my home repaired. What do I do?
Insurance companies expect supplements from the contractor. It is very easy for an Insurance Adjuster to miss several items while doing their estimate especially those not obviously visible.  Every insurance company has a Supplement Team to deal with additional costs.  Your only out of pocket expense will be your deductible. If you choose DFW Remodel Team to repair your home, we will work directly with your Insurance Company to ensure all the necessary repairs are made to your home.

Exactly what does the Insurance Company pay to replace?

Your insurance will pay to repair your home with material comparable to what was damaged. If you desire upgrades, you pay the difference in cost. For example, if the insurance company is paying to replace your carpet, but you'd prefer hardwood floors, you would pay the difference in the cost for the upgraded material and labor.

What services do you offer?

Water Damage RestorationInsurance Restoration ClaimHome RemodelingKitchen Remodeling
Bathroom RemodelingAttic ConversionsGarage AdditionsGarage Conversions
FlooringWindowsDoor ReplacementsRoom Additions
Covered PatioDecksSiding and Brick WorkCabinets
Aging-in-PlacePaintingCountertopsShower/Tub Redo
Fireplace/Mantle RemodelFire Damage RestorationCustom HomeLuxury Home